Dances of Universal Peace, Music, Mantra & Meditation in Latvia

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back to our favorite place - Zivtini, 100 km from Riga


•              Dances of Universal Peace

•              Mantra singing

•              Sufi practices & whirling

•              Spontaneous dances

•              morning practices

•              creative workshops

•              songs around campfire

•              doll making

•              sacred circle dances

•              Sufi bazaar - sell & buy cute things

•              and other spontaneous events



Ticket price includes: accommodation in a room (2-4 people) + vegetarian meals 3 times a day  + programme. To secure your place in a house please send us a deposit of 50 Euros. Deposit is not refundable.

If booked before xxxx- only xxx Euro

Last minute ticket - after 15th of July -xxx Euro

Special diet like gluten free, vegan etc. +35 Euro


More info:



elena (EN, LV, RU) +371 25319846; 





BY PLANE -  to RIGA (RIX) international airport from all major cities around Europe and Asia 

THEN GO BY TAXI OR BY BUS – TAKE THE BUS NR.22 Airport (Lidosta) UP TO International coach station (IN Latvian - AUTOOSTA) (GOES EVERY 15-20 MINUTES)


 From there take the bus direction MAZIRBE, KOLKA or TALSI, hop off at KALTENE stop. It takes 2 h 20 minutes to get there. The cost is 4.75 Euro

Then walk some 5-10 minutes following ZIVTINI guest house signs. 



MURSHIDA SAKI LEE (Holland) - DUP, Sufi practices

For over 30 years she was a student of Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, Sufi mystic and master of meditation who wove the essence of Sufism into the unfolding expressions of contemporary culture and consciousness.

Saki guides individual and group retreats internationally, focusing primarily on the alchemical retreat model first developed by Pir Vilayat, which fosters deep healing and spiritual transformation.

Saki’s love of sacred music, mystical poetry and the Dances of Universal Peace are woven in her groups to uplift, harmonize and tune the heart and spirit, making it easy  for everyone to feel at home with themselves and each other.

Saki brings warmth, depth, and joy to her work as Sufi guide, teacher and friend to newcomers and experienced spiritual seekers alike.

She has been a faculty member of Suluk Academy, a school of Sufi studies founded by Pir Zia Inayat Khan, and is a cheraga (minister) in the Universal Worship, an ecumenical service which honors all faith traditions as equal sources of spirituality.

In her professional life, Saki is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and somatic therapist.  She considers healing work akin to the sacred art of gardening, another great source of joy.


Silje Devi (Estonia) – DUP, Sufi practices

Our Beloved Friend & dear neighbor Silje has been leading Dances of Universal Peace since 1998. Besides, of Estonia, she has led DUP and Sufi events in Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine and UK. She has been co-organizer of the Dance camps and Sufi retreats in Estonia over the last 19 years. Murshid Saadi is her inspiring Sufi guide, but she has learnt a lot from many other great teachers, including Murshid Saul Barodofsky from Dervish Healing Order.  Silje likes to share the joy, peace, harmony and feeling of Unity through the Dances and Sufi practices. And especially we are all melting into wonderful zikrs though all the years the Dancing Heart Camp exists.

Alexander Talancev Musallam (Latvia) - sufi whirling

Musalam leads spontaneous dances, dervish dance - whirling, dynamic meditations since 1994 in Latvia. Experienced teacher, who participated in numerous spiritual and yoga events and festivals.

He also runs weekly a group in Riga practicing heart chakra meditation and movements. In the camp he will share practice of sufi whirling and spontaneous dances with us.

Always supportive, Mussalam brings a strong energy into the Camp for many years, he is also a member of holding group this year.

Yelena Swarana (Latvia) - DUP, mantras 

Yelena was the organizer of the Dancing Hearted camps from 2009 till 2014. Leading the Dances of Universal Peace since 2010. Her 

passion is traveling, exploring new cultures and sharing the essence of it with others. Since her first journey to India she has totally fallen in love with this its authentic land and people and the St mountain Arunachala. Through mantras and dances Yelena is sharing the never ending joy and sweetness of the heart. 

Svetlana - Veronika Bayeva (Latvia) - creative workshops 

This time Veronika is the main organizer of the camp and also the leader of various creative workshops! 

and many others beautiful hearts are coming and maybe you …


Your Dancing-Hearted Holding Group

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