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Dances of Universal Peace, Music, Mantra & Meditation in Latvia

MEDUS MĀJAS IMPĒRIJA, Rēzekne, 250 km from Riga


•              Dances of Universal Peace

•              Mantra singing

•              Sufi practices & whirling

•              Spontaneous dances

•              morning practices

•              creative workshops

•              songs around campfire

•              shaman practices

•              voice workshops

•              Chi Gong, Yoga

•              Sufi bazaar - sell & buy cute things

•              and other spontaneous events



Ticket price includes: accommodation in a room (2-5 people) + vegetarian meals 3 times a day  + programme. To secure your place in a house please send us a deposit of 50 Euros. Deposit is not refundable.

FREE BONUS  - boats on the river + SUP -boards. Optional -black and electrical sauna for additinal price.

NOTE: PRICES ARE NOT FIXED YET! If booked before 1st August- 285 Euro, tent - 210 Euro. 

Last minute ticket - after 1st of August -300 Euro






International coach station (IN Latvian - AUTOOSTA) (GOES EVERY 15-20 MINUTES)

 From there take the

1. bus direction  Rēzekne, Krāslava

price 9.80 Euro, 4 hours, check

2. train direction Rēzekne

price 8.01 Euro, 2 hours 45 min

schedule, sheck schedule on before coming. 


Rēzekne is 5 km from the camp site, take the local bus to JANOPOLE,

ticket price 0.80 Euro, walk  10 minutes to the venue.

medus maja


We are delighted to announce our annual Dancing Heart Camp Latvia - celebrating 35 years of the DUP in Latvia!


Shamsia Sandra Sunfire lives, Dances and Walks in Wales and has done for nearly 30 years. She follows the Path

of the Heart, the Path of Love. Shamsia is a leader and mentor of Dances of Universal Peace. She loves the retreat process that draws on the rich tapestry of wisdom teachings and practices, the rhythms of nature

which empower us to be more of who we truly are. She both leads and attends retreats. Shamsia is a conductor in the Dervish Healing Order and is dedicated to service on the healing path.

Silje Devi 

Our Beloved Friend & dear neighbor Silje has been leading Dances of Universal Peace since 1998. Besides, of Estonia, she has led DUP and Sufi events in Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine and UK. She has been co-organizer of the Dance camps and Sufi retreats in Estonia over the last 19 years. Murshid Saadi is her inspiring Sufi guide, but she has learnt a lot from many other great teachers, including Murshid Saul Barodofsky from Dervish Healing Order.  Silje likes to share the joy, peace, harmony and feeling of Unity through the Dances and Sufi practices. And especially we are all melting into wonderful zikrs though all the years the Dancing Heart Camp exists.

medus maja 2

Yelena Swarana

Yelena Swarana encountered the Dances in 2006. Since then, she has been compelled to serve as an organizer for Dancing Heart camps and events, a role she has continued for the past 16 years. Her passion lies in traveling and sharing the Dances in various locations, including the Baltics, Poland, the UK, New Zealand, Turkey, and Israel and Sri Lanka. In collaboration with Vasudeva from Russia, they initiated the first Indian annual camp, attracting both international leaders and local dancers.

For a decade, Yelena has spent several months in India, visiting the holy mountain Arunachala, which she considers her home. She works as a freelance architect and serves on the board of directors of DUP International.

Victoria Valkyrie

Victoria started dancing Dances of Universal Peace in 2007, since 2010 she has been leading them in Latvia. Many years later she was the organizer / dance leader in Dancing Heart camp, as well as dance training course supported by European Erasmus project. 

Exploring dance and different cultures Victoria has traveled to America, Colombia, Czech Republic, England, France, India and Israel, lived in Latvia, Russia and Czech Republic and Hong Kong.

In dance and in life I am always fascinated to observe and feel the unity of such different cultures and religions in its very core.

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