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                                        Our team

The Latvian Network for the Dances of Universal Peace was founded by Vitalija Hayat in Riga in October 2007. Our goal and aim is to develop and to support DUP in Latvia and to travel on the path together in a caravan of friends.

  We organize regular activities of Dances of Universal Peace for at least twice monthly, inviting  local and international leaders of the Dances of Universal Peace. Join us-we are happy to Dance with you!
Closely connected with Estonian network and Polish dancing friends! 


Please note that there are independent Dance leaders in Latvia, who are not listed on this page and in INDUP ( 



Mentor-in-training, leading Dances since 2010.


Victoria Valkyrie

certified leader (2015), leading Dances since 2010.


Bronislava Voronecka

Leader in training, leading since 2023.

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